John and Sarah preparing food for distribution

John and Sarah preparing food for distribution

ECCCM has a number of volunteer opportunities to appeal to every person, allowing you to use your gifts and interests. To help the busy periods of the ministry, and to coincide with your schedule, we can schedule your time as a volunteer for maximum efficiency. The button at the bottom of this page will allow you to schedule your time with us.

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Current Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Food Pantry (preparing food for distribution)

  • Food Distribution (filling client vouchers)

  • Back up Truck Drivers (relief drivers in time of need - van or box truck)

  • Thrift Store (cashiers, floor help, straightening, stocking)

  • Office Help (data entry, clerical)

Contact Allen Sherrill, Director of Food Pantry Operations, for more information:

            (828) 465-1702

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