student Hunger Prevention Program

Does your child have insurance?

Eastern Catawba Cooperative Christian Ministry offers additional food assistance through its Hunger Programs to families in Catawba County. Available to school students and their families, this program will provide additional foods to your household through the week for 12 months and includes meats, produce, breads, dairy items, and snacks.

The Student Hunger Prevention Program provides foods to the families of the following schools:

  • All Newton-Conover City Schools, grades K-12

  • All Catawba County Schools, grades K-12

  • Parents as Teachers Program participants

  • Early Headstart Program participants

A one-month supply of food can be picked up once every month at your convenience, with additional fresh foods available to you twice during each month, all at the ECCCM Food Pantry.

If you and your family need additional foods through the week, and are not currently receiving assistance through ECCCM’s hunger programs, you are encouraged to request further assistance. Simply call ECCCM for more information at 465-1702, or easier yet, complete this online application.

Complete the following application: