Room In The Inn

Hosted by First Presbyterian Church, 701 N Main Ave, Newton NC (828) 464-0648

A snowy scene is great when you are warm and in your home. What about if you are not? What do you do, where do you go???

For many of the homeless in our community, they go to First Presbyterian Church's Room In The Inn

 This snowy scene becomes a place of refuge for those seeking shelter from the storm

This snowy scene becomes a place of refuge for those seeking shelter from the storm

Unfortunately, there are members of our community who lack safe, secure, and most importantly, warm shelter on the cold winter nights that are undoubtedly on the way.

For the past several years, First Presbyterian Church has provided such a haven on the coldest nights of the winter. On nights when the temperature is predicted to fall to 25 degrees or below, the church has been opening the fellowship hall from 6 PM until 8:15 AM, offering a warm meal and a warm place to sleep.

This ministry, known as Room In The Inn, is coordinated by the First Presbyterian Missions Committee, and are requesting additional assistance.

What can you do to help???

Volunteers are Needed to staff the shelter!!!

Hens (5:45pm-10:00 pm) -- 2 to 3 persons are needed to help open the shelter, welcome guests, and serve dinner.

Owls (9:45pm-6:00am) -- 2 persons are needed to spend the night with the guests.

Roosters (6:00am-8:15 am) -- 2 persons are needed to help serve breakfast, clean up, and close shelter.

Volunteer are also needed to provide meals to that are served for breakfast and dinner!!!


Will you help???

Prayerfully consider how you can join in with this community wide effort that cares for the vulnerable of our community. Simply fill out the form below, which will be received by the church coordinators who will be back in contact with you.


For More Information

For more information, contact the church office at First Presbyterian, Newton - 828-464-0648

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