Catawba County Food Policy Council


The Policy Council is an unincorporated association inclusive of private organizations and providers, public and governmental agencies, groupings of people who have come together around common interests and beliefs about the food systems and individuals including those who are recipients of various food and agricultural benefit programs. These are the members of the Policy Council.  It does not have a formal incorporation but recognizes the need for rules, guidelines, and standards. 

The Policy Council adheres to: its mission statement and preamble; goals and principles; articulations of its role in the food and agricultural assistance systems, and in the conduct of all of its activities and endeavors, will be generally recognized for educational and charitable purposes.  In its formation, current and anticipated activities, the Policy Council acts, and intends to act, in compliance with particular suggested nutritional standards in regard to the USDA standards. 

The Policy Council is a part of Housing Visions, a Continuum of Care. The Continuum serves as the countywide council for agencies serving those considered homeless and hungry within Catawba County. The Continuum meets monthly, the second Thursday of each month from 12-1pm at the United Way office in Hickory, N.C. The Food Policy Council meets prior to the Continuum. The Policy Council meets quarterly to assess ongoing projects and seek partnerships to continue to meet the needs within the county. If a new funding source becomes available, the Policy Council will meet to collaborate on the writing of a funding proposal based on the need identified within the county.

The Catawba County Food Policy Council is a community-based organization, composed of a variety of groups and individuals, working on issues arising from food insecurity.  The Policy Council will perform its work and activities in a collaborative manner.  It will bring forward to the public eye a discussion of these issues for more comprehensive examination.  It intends to educate and inform the public, those directly affected by food and agriculture programs, and public and legislative decision-makers about selected policy issues, openly arrived at by deliberations of its members.  It will advocate for these policy issues in a variety of forums and will develop and disseminate viable policy recommendations and alternatives. The primary work of the Policy Council is to offer the best nutritional options to those receiving food assistance to alleviate their food insecurity, while advocating for the organizations giving the assistance to receive the best available food prices.

The mission of the Catawba County Food Policy Council seeks to bring together diverse stakeholders across the food system, to provide recommendation and guidance for food program issues. The Policy Council exists to reduce food insecurity, improve consumer access, establish suggested nutritional guidelines, and enhance community awareness for food collection and distribution.    

The Policy Council needs an active coalition of diverse people that are focused on preventing childhood obesity, reducing food insecurity, improving consumer access, establishing suggested nutritional guidelines, and enhancing community awareness for food collection and distribution.   

Team members include other partners who may serve as allies in moving policy forward such as coalitions, groups, or advocacy organizations that focus on or benefit from improving the food environment, representatives of health‐disparate populations, work‐site wellness committees, dietitians or nutritionists and nutrition and health programs in Catawba County. 

Current Council Members

  • Catawba County Health Partners
  • Catawba County Department of Public Health      
    • Eat Smart Move More
  • Catawba County Schools
  • Catawba County Department of Social Services:       
    • Senior Nutrition Services
    • The Backpack Program
    • Nurturing Parent Program
    • Strengthening Families Program
  • Catawba County United Way
  • Christ Alive Church
  • Eastern Catawba Cooperative Christian Ministry, Inc.
  • Greater Hickory Cooperative Christian Ministry
  • Professionally Guided Weight Loss
  • The Salvation Army

Download the current Food Policy here