Frequently Asked Questions


What is a crisis?

A crisis is a one-time exceptional event that is not expected to occur again. Examples of crisis situations are job lay-offs or loss of jobs when income stops or unexpected home or car repairs that take all disposable income. The most typical crisis is an unexpected loss of income. Low-income and poverty situations, while unfortunate, are not crisis situations.


How do I apply for crisis assistance?

All applications for crisis assistance requires the standard required documents by ECCCM along with a personal interview with a trained case manager.


Why do I have to bring in so many documents, I just need help with my power?

In order to determine financial eligibility, a complete listing of all income sources is required, along with a copy of all expenses and the most recent bank statement. These documents are used to determine need. Even if you brought all of your documents at your last visit, we need them again as amounts do change.


Do I have to go back and get all my bills? Can’t you do an interview without them?

No, we must have all bills and expenses, as well as all income statements in order to complete the qualification process.


What should my bank statement show?

Bank statements must be the most recent and show activity for the past thirty days.


Can I show you the documents on my phone?

No, we must have print copies. We scan all documents into your case file and return the originals to you.


Do I need to bring my lease? I’ve never had a lease.

Yes, you need to bring your lease. If you do not have a lease, you should as that is your protection. ECCCM only provides rent assistance to landlords who are on our approved landlord list. A lease is required for them to be on this list.


Do I need an appointment?

No, interviews for assistance are not by appointment and are on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are currently under active case management, your case manager may have made an appointment for your return visit, and would have given you an appointment card.


Does my husband or wife need to be present?

No, in fact many times only one person comes from the household. As long as you are listed on the accounts, we can complete your application.


Do I have to do a separate interview to get clothes and food?

No, your case manager will make you aware of all services that you qualify for, and provide those services during your visit.


Can I send someone to do the interview for me?

If you are incapacitated and unable to travel, we can provide services with your permission and proxy. You will have to provide a signed note, with the name of the person acting as your agent, giving us permission to act on your behalf. As case manager will call you when the interview is underway.


Will you give me the check today to go pay my bills?

No, we do not issue checks. All payments are sent directly to vendors on your behalf.


I have my kids every other weekend, can I get extra food.

Your case manager will verify the number of persons in your household and provide sufficient quantities of food according to your household size.


Do you deliver the food?

No. As a crisis assistance agency, we are providing fresh food and produce for you, allowing you the dignity of coming, receiving and loading your food for your household.


What happens after I apply for assistance on the ECCCM app?

After completing the form on the ECCCM app, a confidential email comes into the ministry offices. A case manager will follow up with you on the next business day.


How quickly can I receive assistance?

All services are rendered on the day of application if you qualify for assistance.


Can you help me get out of debt?

Yes! Our Crisis Assistance Coaching Program classes are designed specifically to help persons with debt reduction, budgeting, goal setting, job searches and other vital tools.


Can I get help with food?

Yes, at the time of your original interview, a case manager will help those who qualify with one of our hunger relief programs.


Where are you located?

We are located immediately behind the County Agriculture Center and EMS base (old county hospital) at 245 East N Street.


What are your hours of operation?

ECCCM is open Monday – Thursday from 8:00 to 5:00, except holidays. A full posting is on our agency calendar.


How late in the day can I come in?

Unscheduled appointments are first come, first served. Follow up appointments are scheduled by your case manager. No applications are started after 4:30 pm.


Can I bring my children?

While we love children, and you are welcome to bring them, you must be able to keep them quiet. Loud and crying children are disruptive in our congested office area and your interview is not possible with these disruptions. If this is the case, you may be asked to leave and return when you have childcare available.