The ECCCM Board of Directors

ECCCM is governed by an 18-member Board of Directors who volunteer their time for the ministry. On a three-year class rotation, terms last for three years. Members of the Board of Directors are diverse, bringing many gifts and talents that benefit ECCCM and the community served.

2019 Board of Directors 

Dayne Miller, President

Ryan Link, President-Elect

Corky Upchurch, Treasurer

Candy Ledford, Secretary

Roger Decato

Sherry Fry

John Hardy

Karyn Yaussy

Coleman Gilleland

Denny Schell

Tavia Ormsby

Sherelle Abernathy

David Hartsoe

Brenda Heffner

Jim Mauney

Tom Rowe

Cindy Sigmon

Stephen Sims

Donna Sharman, Ex Officio